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Cabraal Khan

Cabraal Khan (human)
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Cabraal Khan is one of the twelve Zoalords of the Chronos organization and is known to be a member of the Rogue group of Zoalords. While his physical human form was somewhat small in size he could achieve great stature and power when he needed to via his unusual battleform.

Normally he would always been seen floating him the air with his legs folded and was never seen actually walking on the group until the last few seconds of life.

Battle Form
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Not much was seen of his battleform, powers or much of history up until the point where he and his fellow Rogue Zoalords took control of Aptom by way of having him absorb a modified Gastel Zoanoid. After Aptom had been forced under the control of the Rogue a small piece of Khan's own brain was implanted into Aptom himself in order for the Zoalord to control the multi-form Zoanoid. After the Guyver was able to free "Evil Aptom" from the mental controls of Khan by destroying most of Aptom's body the feedback from the injury caused Khan in a fit of rage and pain to convert into his true "Draglord" battleform. Initially his brain swelled to massive proportions, then tendrils sprouted from his spine looking for biological matter and then a huge mental command was sent out to all Zoanoids in Tokyo. At that point every Zoanoid in Tokyo was drawn to him and their biological material was absorbed into Khan's mutating body. The resulting "Draglord" monster was a 200 foot tall dragon like creature that was incredible strong, could fly under it's own power by way of an anti-gravity ability, could create bio-missiles from his body but the most powerful attack was the "Shin Purgatorium". This high energy blast attack could be fired from his the Draglord's mouth and is rumored that the resulting energy blast could destroy the entire city of Toyko.

It was at this point that the "true form of the Gigantic" was accessed for the first time by Sho and the we saw the birth of the Guyver Exceed. The immensely powerful next evolution of the Guyver was able to easily absorb the Draglord's most powerful energy blast attack by creating a miniature black hole that absorbed both the deadly blast as well as Khan's monstrous form.

DragLord Form
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But Khan would not be defeated that easily. Seconds before the Draglord form was sucked into the gravity anomaly a singular missile was seen firing out of the massive beast away from the battlefield. This missile was actually an "escape pod" fired from the beast that contained the weakened form of Khan. Having also escaped from Khan's Draglord form Aptom set out to exact his own revenge on Khan for stealing his body and forcing his to kill his friend, Toshiaki Hayami. Using Bio-Freezer's temperature control powers Aptom subsequently froze the rogue Zoalord solid and then shattered his frozen form. In the frozen pieces of Khan's corpse through his Zoa-Crystal had somehow disappeared. Later is was revealed that Apollon had taken it.

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