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Edward Caerleon

Edward Caerleoni (human)
Edward Caerleon (human) Opens in New Window

Caerleon is one of the twelve Zoalords of the Chronos organization who died at the hands of the unstoppable Apollon while attempting to defend the Zoa-Crystals of his fallen brothers aboard The Ark.

In his true battleform Edward is able to enter a pocket dimension and project three identical copies of himself to his enemy. These copies possessing the same strength, speed and agility as his own form. Plus because these copies are more close to a "shadow" of himself they cannot be touched nor injured by an enemy.

While onboard the Chronos bio-ship called The Ark he was confronted by the mysterious Apollon who was there to claim the Zoa-Crystals of Waferdanos, Purgstall and Yentsui. During the battle Edward activated his shadow attack but was surprised to learn that his opponent could also mimic his attack. Apollon was able to then easily defeat Caerleon and ripped his Zoa-Crystal out of his head.

Currently Edward remains a withered husk unable to move or communicate and is expected to perish shortly. The most concerning part of his defeat is that it was believed that only Archanfel could replicate Caerleon's shadow technique.

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