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Crane (Human)
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Crane is the lead Zoanoid commanding the Chronos expedition run by Cori and Marcus Edwards, he is under the direct command of Commander Gouo.

Initially Crane is presented as a business man hoping to make sure the company's interests are met, later it is realized that he is actually ruthless and manipulative Zoanoid.

Crane (Zoanoid)
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After the mission stated to go under and following the appearance of The Guyver Crane decided if he was going to be able to complete his task and not fail his Zoalord that he would need to find a way to beat Sean. This advantage would come from a damaged guyver unit that was found in the alien ship. In a way he is kind of an adaptation of Lisker from the mainstream series, a powerful Chronos agent with a damaged guyver armor.

Eventually Crane adapts the armor but does not let onto his hand until Atkins shows the group that the case formerly holding the inactivated unit is empty. Crane then shows that he has actually adapted the armor and has become a Guyver Zoanoid, what he calls the "next step".

Guyver Zoanoid Guyver Zoanoid
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In the end Crane is killed when Cori is able to shoot Crane's damaged control medal injuring him and causing the armor to malfunction. At this point Sean was able to then pull the control medal from his armor and destroy Crane with a megasmasher blast.

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