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Cori Edwards

Cori Opens in New Window

Cori is the main love interest of Sean's in the second live action guyver film. Along with her father, Marcus Edwards, she is known as the "misfits of science" due to the fact that they will normally dig on the more unusual stuff like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. Originally their dig is funded the "Tempest Group" (a Chronos front company) to explore and dig up ancient artifacts.

The current dig proved very fruitful because at the location they actually found one a few lost Creator's Relic ships. If Chronos hadn't attempted to forcibly take the ship she hoped the discovery could be a future for humanity as the entire ship was organic. By studying it's technology humanity could actually start to grow machines instead of having to produce them in a factory.

In the end the ship had to be returned to it's home, Cori's father was killed by Chronos and she fell in love with Sean.

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