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Mount Minakami

The Mount Minakami area of Japan is another secret Chronos base. Located below the mountain is an underground research and development section of Chronos called "Relic's Point". The name comes from the fact that at the bottom of the base's many levels is one of the Creators "Relic" ships, the last actively living one to be more precise.

This mountain has actually been rumored to be artificial structure and rumored to have been created an unknown alien race (wink wink). During the battle between Chronos and the Guyvers that led up the creation of the Guyver Gigantic the base was destroyed when the Relic Ship was launched. The resulting departure of the Relic Ship from it's underground resting place causing a huge volcanic explosion.

In real life there is actually no "Mount Minakami" in Japan but nearby where the fictitious location is said to exist is a large town (North West of Tokyo) called Minakami with several mountains nearby.

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