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Unit Remover

Unit Remover
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So far through out the series the Guyver Unit Remover has only been used twice, once on Guyver 0 during prehistoric times and once by Richard Guyot on Guyver III during the battle at Relic's Point.

The Unit Remover is a device that was created by the Creators as a device that upon usage on a fully activated guyver that the armor will return to it's dormant state and erase all stored genetic and memory data from Control Metal about the host organism. The device is about two to three feet in length and attaches to the user's arm. After an unknown amount of time required to charge remover the device emits a continuous energy stream that strippes the bio-boosted armor off of the it's host's body. If the removal procedure is interrupted the process will stop and the armor will remain with the adapted host.

Following it's usage and subseqent loss to time after being optimized as a Zoalord Richard Guyot had looked for the device for decades. Guyot hoped that if he was able to either acquire an inactivated guyver unit or "steal" one from the current users he would be able to use it's power to overcome his fellow Zoalords, including Archanfel, and rule over the world and Chronos. Eventually the Unit Remover was located within the downed Creator's ship located at Relic's Point. Upon acquiring the device Guyot attempted to use it to remove Guyver III's unit but his attempts failed when attacked by Guyver I, Guyver III and Archanfel himself. Following the battle the Unit Remover was again lost.

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