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Guyver Exceed

Guyver Exceed
Guyver Exceed Opens in New Window

A further evolution of the Guyver Gigantic armor that thus far has only been activated by Sho. When activated the "True Form of the Gigantic" is actually 52 feet tall, colors are red and black and further enhances the power and weaponry of the Guyver. Unlike most of the extra-dimensional based weapons of the Guyver (gravity orb, power amps, etc.) the Exceed actually constantly pulls power from the other realm to continuously provide enhanced power to all functions of the armor. In essence running the armor at 100% power.

Beyond enhancing the standard weapons of the Guyver Gigantic a new attack called "Gravity Implosion" was discovered. By focusing the extra-dimensional gravity energy a fully controlled black hole can be created to absorb enemy attacks and when unleashed produce immense amount of destruction. Unlike other high end gravity anomalies seen previously Sho has shown the attack to the fully controllable and upon command the black hole can be collapsed upon itself.

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