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Shinichiro Yamamura

Shinichiro Yamamura
Shinichiro Yamamura Opens in New Window

Shinichiro Yamamura was one the Chronos scientists that was involved in the processing of the last Zoalord, Richard Guyot. During the test processing of Guyot's soon to be developed battleform he and several of his fellow scientists would proceed to kidnap four humans to test the processing on them before completing the process of Guyot. One of these four prototype Zoalords would be Masaki Murakami, a former student of his during college.

After Guyot's battleform was tested and perfected using the four prototypes these four men would have been terminated. But due to his deep hatred for Chronos he setup the four prototype Zoalords with plans and means to destroy Chronos. Unfortunately his rebellion had failed and he was kiilled in the failed plot.

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